Valeo Innovation Challenge 2016

Words of the valeo team

11,321 teams from all over the world registered to participate in the Valeo Innovation Challenge 2016. Great ideas, great projects that mostly dealt with the themes of safety, CO2 emission reduction and intuitive driving developement. The 8 finalists teams came from France, Germany, Japan,Turkey and the USA.

See a summary of their projects:

The winners

Category: Technological innovation

  1. Clear and clever

    The members of Clear & Clever team are Selin Sila Karakas and Berker Husam. Selin Sila Karakas: She is a Master Student at Marmara University in Industrial Engineering Department. Her task is to increase the image processing efficiency in this project. Berker Husam: He is a PhD student at Anadolu University in Physics Department. He is responsible to design the thermal camera and to provide its validty in theoritical way.

    High-sensitivity infrared camera

    Highly sensitive and fast response thermal infrared camera that enables autonomous driving at a lower cost. The jury particularly appreciated the team's ability to create low-cost technology for a highspeed, high-sensitivity infrared camera, whose implementation could facilitate largescale development of autonomous vehicles.

  2. DOWS

    Eva is a PhD student specializing in computer vision and machine learning, Florent is a PhD student in autonomous driving, Philip is a PhD student in control of autonomous vehicle, Sofiane is an engineering graduate with a specialization in innovation and entrepreneurship and Xiangjun is a PhD student in autonomous driving

    Doors Opening Warning System

    A system that detects cyclists or motorcyclists approaching the car and alerts the driver to avoid dangerous door opening. The jury commended the students' ability to innovate by taking existing technologies and enhancing them to improve road safety in cities.

Category: New ways to use cars

  1. The globalists

    The Globalists from the University of Tokyo in Japan

    Electric Vehicle Batteries for Global electrical network

    Use Electric Vehicle batteries as an actor of the global electrical network in addition to domestic, commercial and transport sectors : integrating electric vehicle batteries into the larger ecosystem of electrically-powered goods.

  2. Mahuaz

    Mahuaz from Northwestern University in the United States

    Wellness Unit Drive

    New way to use time during autonomous driving for wellness activities : project to transform the vehicle cabin into a full-blown gym when the vehicle is driving autonomously in traffic jams. In particular, the jury hailed the team's ability to invent new user practices based on technology and equipment that already exists to some extent in vehicles today.

  3. Renovate

    Renovate team from Istanbul Technical University in Turkey


    An intelligent route planner based on a pre-booking of the car journey : reducing urban traffic congestion with a dynamic system of pre-reserved journeys that are adjusted according to the number of users on the road.

The Jury of the 2016 edition

The contest jury was chaired by Valeo’s CEO and was including Valeo directors as well as people from outside the company recognized for their experience and professional expertise, like scientists, designers, sociologists and architects.

The data

  • 65countries
  • 795universities
  • 1344teams
  1. India 496 teams
  2. Egypt 200 teams
  3. Mexico 86 teams
  4. China 71 teams
  5. Turkey 49 teams