Valeo innovation challenge - 2014

Word of the valeo team

For the first edition, almost 1,000 teams from 55 countries submitted projects offering bold solutions for the car of the future. In 2015, after a strict selection process involving sixty Valeo experts alongside independent scientists, the 20 best projects have been selected in order to develop a prototype to take part in the final. Seven teams have been invited to Paris to present their project to the grand jury.

The winners

  1. Team Sadec

    Brazilian team from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.

    Adaptive Hydrodynamic
    Continuous VT

    They propose a project that reinvents the mechanical transmission system by coupling together the pump and the hydraulic motor. This innovation would enable the transmission to adjust to engine RPM continuously and automatically, thereby improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

  2. Team Uottawa

    Canadian team from the University of Ottawa.

    Transmutable cars

    proposes to develop an end-to-end hybrid electric powertrain system combining onboard technology and connectivity. The innovation uses geolocation and traffic data to shift from city to highway mode, thereby optimizing fuel efficiency.

  3. Team Three Vemacolleagues

    Canadian team from the University of Waterloo.

    The VeMAC Project

    The project concerns an innovative, totally secure vehicle-to-vehicle communication system. It is based on the GPS and the time synchronization of data from each vehicle’s GPS sensors. Naturally, one of the initial applications would be to transmit road safety information, such as hazardous road conditions, emergency braking, accidents or rain.

The jury of the 2014 edition

The contest jury was chaired by Valeo’s CEO and was including Valeo directors as well as people from outside the company recognized for their experience and professional expertise, like scientists, designers, sociologists, entrepreneur and professors.

The data

  • 55countries
  • 455universities
  • 969teams
  1. India 327 teams
  2. Egypt 199 teams
  3. Mexico 100 teams
  4. China 56 teams
  5. France 51 teams