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Jul 7, 2017

Team The Greatest, made up of two Chinese students studying in France at the University of Technology of Compiègne, is one of 24 teams to advance to Phase 2 of this year’s Valeo Innovation Challenge in the “Technological Innovation” category.

This 100% female team is in the running for the Challenge with the objective to change people’s lives. More determined than ever, they seek excellence above all which is reflected through their hard work at university. They are used to working together for several days before all exams, so as to obtain the best possible results.  A clear organization that brought them together and made them the “greatest team” Ning says.  

Will you be my team-mate?

When Ning heard about the Challenge, she knew right away that it was an opportunity for her to realize her dream. She called Su to ask her to join her in this adventure. “Su is the only friend I wanted to work with on this project. Her name immediately came to mind!” she says. The two met two years ago at the University of Technology of Troyes, and they quickly realized that they worked well together: a perfect match!

Su is specialized in biomechanics and her incredible memory helps her to get the best understanding of problems. Connecting her knowledge to every-day issues is her specialty. Ning analyses the facts and comes up with the most efficient solution. Knowing that more than 1600 teams participated in the Valeo Innovation Challenge this year, the two students felt very honored to be selected for phase 2: “it really gives us the motivation to do our best for the next step”. Now, each of them will focus on a specific part of the project to improve the whole prototype. With frequent discussions about their progress, they believe they can achieve a flawless result.

Coming revolutions

Ning and Su are both passionate about innovation and particularly impressed by artificial intelligence and its perspectives for the automobile industry. “The development of autonomous driving systems could be compared to the invention of the Internet because of its impact on people’s lifestyles”. The team wants its inventions to achieve such a revolution, giving drivers a new experience which will solve their everyday-problems. The two are also working on the influence of sunlight in driving, and they plan to address this problem in the years to come. But first, they want to complete their actual prototype to make it fully operational. That is how they will use the €100,000 prize if they win the Challenge!

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