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May 12, 2017

Team Gama, made of five Bachelor students from Indonesia, is one of 24 teams to advance to Phase 2 of this year’s Valeo Innovation Challenge in the “New ways to use cars” category.

A contribution to the automotive development

All of the team members share the same passion for the automotive industry. A passion leading them to participate in the Valeo Innovation Challenge, a global competition to invent a system or component that will make the car of the future smarter and more intuitive. This multidisciplinary team is made up of three future industrial engineers (Farizka, Alfonsus Seto and Boby) and two computer science and electronics students (Ja’far and Ridwan). “Our participation stood out as a challenge for our team”, says Farizka.

When they found out they had reached the next round of the competition, they couldn’t believe their luck. “A pop up from Ridwan appeared in our group chat, telling us we made it to phase 2!” It took time for them to realize their team was one of the 24 shortlisted teams in an international contest. “Even though we were very excited, we tried to keep calm, and think about the long road ahead of us”. A smart reaction, as the team has until July 13th to design and test their prototype using a €5,000 grant from Valeo.

Their differences are their strength

At the beginning of this adventure, there were only three of us: me, Seto and Boby”, explains Farizka, “And when we found our idea, we realized we did not have all the expertise to develop it. That is why we decided to recruit two more members to help us.

Their different personalities work well together. Farizka, the team’s only woman, is very organized and speaks English well. That is why she was assigned as team leader. Seto is great with numbers, and his main role is to research and analyze data. Boby’s sharp eye is meant for design, and he is responsible for the development of the user Interface design. Ja'far and Ridwan are in charge of technologies: the quiet Ja’far on the hardware part and the loud (but creative) Ridman on the software.

Hybrid cars for a better future

For the team, the most sophisticated automobile innovation in the past decade is the hybrid cars. At a time when the concern about the climate change is growing, eco-friendly cars become essential. “Hybrid cars, using less fossil energy and emitting less CO2 emissions, give us hope for a better future”.

Team Gama’s 2030 car is fully automatic, driving smoothly everywhere. “No more fossil-fueled cars, it’s all electric!”

Inspired by BJ Habibie, an Indonesian inventor and former president of Indonesia, the team promises never to give up innovating and helping to develop the nation. Accordingly, if they win the competition, the students will donate a part of the prize to charity, and use the rest for their studies. They also plan to launch their IoT startup.

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