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Aug 25, 2017

Team FUTUCITY is made up of two students from Poland. The team has reached Phase 2 of the Valeo Innovation Challenge 2017, competing in the “New ways to use cars” category.

Waiting for the right time to shine

Studying at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, both students have been building their idea since last year, waiting for the right time to unveil it to the world. “It is now time for us to spread it and have it looked at by professionals of the industry” they say, “the Valeo Innovation Challenge is the perfect opportunity to do so. As they worked on many projects together before, the choice of the team was an easy one. If they don’t share the same point of view on many aspects of their projects’ design, they know that if they both agree on one, it will be a success.

Julia is so creative that she published her first book at the age of 14. She also designs outfits and furniture and is actually developing a wheelchair for… dogs! Always making sure everything goes as planned and according to schedule, she will focus on the interior design of the vehicle and the animation.

Maciek is passionate about new technologies and innovative materials. He believes that the bike is the greatest invention of the mobility’s history! For him, the future will have to be eco-friendly. He has the talent to make ideas into reality and will take care of the 3D modeling and other details for the next step.

Only the beginning…

For the team, their selection for phase 2, “we knew that it was only the beginning and hard work was coming ahead”.

In terms of aesthetics, the BMW’s “Next 100” and the older “Gina” concepts have really impressed the students for their unconventional approach of car design. When it comes to engineering, they are Liddiard wheels’ fans. For the future, they think cars will evolve following certain aspects. First, cars will have to be practical from reducing congestion in the cities to fighting poverty in underdeveloped countries. Cars will also have to be cooperative meaning that connected to an “Internet of all vehicles” to share data about traffic, road quality, emergencies, etc. They will be unstoppable, adjusting their speed to each other and reducing the need to brake to a minimum. Finally, more and more cars will be rented and fewer people will own one.

If they win the grand prize, they will continue their design the future of transport. Team Futucity also wants to develop an innovative idea of an “Internet for cars”.

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