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Jun 30, 2017

Team E-JUST WV-Innovators, made up of two students from Egypt, is one of 24 teams to advance to Phase 2 of this year’s Valeo Innovation Challenge in the “New ways to use cars” category.

Mechatronics and robotics for a better future

Innovation lies at the core of Valeo’s DNA and through the Valeo Innovation Challenge the Group asks students to revolutionize the way the car is used: more intelligent, clean, intuitive, green and fun. As a matter of fact, this is exactly the team E-JUST WV-Innovators’ objective: “We want to change the way people use cars and we can relate to Valeo on this point”.

The two team members met at the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) where they both study. A PhD student in mechatronics and robotics engineering, Bikheet is a design expert and tests every single part of their project’s system. Mohamed studies mechatronics and robotics as well, and is in charge of building the proof of concept from A to Z.

The two friends’ skills complete each other which allow them to push their project further: their prototype will be tested thanks to a humanoid robot from their labs (at E-JUST).

As they have been working on this matter for a while, they are not beginners on the subject. Their wearable vehicle is aimed at disrupting the driving experience. This is why Mohamed and Bikheet are really impressed by autonomous cars and their complete robotic systems. They can’t wait to see the increasing number of fully autonomous cars on the road in the coming years.

Greener and lighter

The team imagines cars to be greener and lighter in the future which is the essence of their present work. For them, to innovate means “improving the quality of life” and it is following this belief that they plan to launch their startup if they win the competition. “We will make our project a reality, and we really think that it will change the way people think about cars”.

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