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Jul 14, 2017

Team CosyLéo is made up of five students from ESILV (Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Léonard de Vinci) engineering school in France. The team has reached Phase 2 of the Valeo Innovation Challenge 2016, competing in the “New ways to use cars” category. They now have until July 13, 2017 to create and design a prototype, using a €5,000 grant from Valeo. 

Their strength: a team member per specialty

This team of five was willing to get involved in a challenge requiring a lot of work and a personal investment. As all the members were new students at their school at the beginning of the year, they quickly got together and discovered their common wish. Their school gave them the opportunity to choose between five different competitions. “We chose the Valeo Innovation Challenge for its international impact and because of our interest in the automobile industry”.


Each member is specialized in a different field of engineering which is a great strength for the team. Passionate about sports, technology and innovation, Raphael studies financial engineering and holds the role of project manager within the team. Laurene came up with the idea for their project thanks to her creativity. She studies mechanical engineering and her good level of English helps the team to deliver perfectly written reports. Studying Bid Data, David has a logical mind which facilitates the decision process in the team. Kawthar studies renewable energies and deals with the practical aspect of the project: she selects all the materials they will work with. Laurene (another one!)  also studies financial engineering and her main role is to work on very specific components. The team insists on the fact that “every team member is involved in the decisions we take”.


Rethinking the cars for a better future

For the team, innovation means an improvement of our everyday life by rethinking the construction of basics objects. “Innovation represents the future, and it’s the role of an engineer to build it” they say. The students imagine the roads full of autonomous cars in 2030, either hybrid or fully electric. Indeed, “climate change is the challenge of our generation and it is essential to rethink our cars’ fuel consumption.

When they heard about their selection for phase two, they did not fully realize that they had won against more than 1600 other projects. “We felt proud of our work and of what we had achieved”. Team CosyLéo truly believes its project to be innovative and if they “get the chance to complete it thanks to Valeo, it will only be the beginning”. If they win the challenge, and the top €100,000 prize coming with victory, they will file a patent and continue to develop their idea. The students will also work on a life-size prototype to start a battery of tests.

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