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Apr 14, 2017

Team Asoric, made up of four students coming from Italy and Iran, will be one of the 24 teams who are competing to present their prototype in Paris. As one of 13 nominees in the “New ways to use cars” category, the team will now have until July 13th to test and prototype their ideas, using a €5,000 grant from Valeo.  

A passion for progress 
Good friends, they had several ideas they wanted to submit to the best of the industry, and when they heard about the Valeo Innovation Challenge, they knew right away they wanted to join the race. Their interest for the innovation brought them together, as well as their shared passion for animation and special effects. “We want to help create a better and easier life for people” explain these architect engineers and physics students.

Who are the names behind Asoric team? Fateme, Hadi, Najme and Salman are the ones. Fateme and Hadi are studying at the University of Sistan and Baluchestan, and Najme at Qeshm International Branch, Islamic Azad University in Iran. Salman, the fourth member of the team, is studying at Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy.

The “New ways to use cars” category was a perfect fit for the four, who wish to make life easier for drivers. All of them want to improve traffic conditions to avoid deaths on the road. Even though they were passing some exams during phase 1, the team was very motivated and managed to make it to Phase 2 of the Challenge. Winning is not their main goal, even if they hope they will get to the finals.

No one left behind

Salman’s love for computers; associated with the interest in technology of Fateme and Hadi, the whole coordinated by Najme’s discipline, has made up a functional and efficient team.  A win getting them to the 24 shortlisted!

Team Asoric worked every step of the way as a team, elaborating, modeling and choosing every material together. No one was left out, and every member contributed equally to the project. It was punctuated with technical brainstorming permitting the team to come up with their idea, and to distribute the tasks according to the members’ strengths and specialties.

Eyes on the road

The team believes that innovation should make life easier by finding a simple and better way to do things. Instead of thinking that the future lies with flying vehicles, the members are convinced that smart roads are the roads of tomorrow. With features such as controlling traffic, reporting accidents, calculating speed, many accidents could be avoided. “Information will be sent in real time to the drivers” Hadi says, “no more accidents, no more deaths on the road”.

The team plans to invest the €100,000 prize money wisely if they win the Valeo Innovation Challenge. First, they plan on using it for their studies, and then, for building their new start-up. “We have many technological ideas, and with this award, we would be able to transform this project into reality”.

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