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Global solutions to global issues

Oct 13, 2016

Team Globalist is made up of two environmental sciences students from The University of Tokyo in Japan, Masatoshi Takara and Xinli Su. The duo embarked upon their project in part due to Xinli’s career prospects in the automotive industry after she graduates. “We both believe that renewable energy is the way to go when it comes to dealing with climate change but we didn’t want to limit our thinking of renewable energy to our current situation. My future job made me interested in connecting cars with renewable energy and so we discovered this subject.” 

You could say that their project aims to make cars part of the energy solution, instead of the problem. As Masatoshi and Xinli point out, their team name reflects the global nature of these issues. Their main driver? Collective creation. While excited about the final stages, neither is getting nervous: “We didn’t expect to get this far!” Xinli confesses. “We’re really looking forward to exchanging with the other teams,” adds Masatoshi.


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