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Aug 18, 2017

Team Uniqworks is made up of two students from France. The team has reached Phase 2 of the Valeo Innovation Challenge 2017, competing in the “Technological Innovation” category.

Looking forward to the future

Bin and Mingyi are studying at HEC, a prestigious business school in France. They decided to participate in the Valeo Innovation Challenge, because they wanted to help to make cars of the future more enjoyable and safer. “Plus, the challenge sounded fun!” they add.

A master student in Design, Bin has an industrial and engineering design background with experience in consulting and project management. He will specialize in technical design and user details. Mingyui brings the social perspective to this duo. A PhD student in Finance, her knowledge in economics and finance helps her to consider every part of the decision-making process. “In this technological era facing the long-term consequences of our actions, it is very important to develop innovations which are looking forward to the future” they say.

Autonomous cars…But not only!

In 2030, they believe that self-driving technologies will be mature enough to have numerous autonomous cars on the roads. Yet, “they won’t completely replace traditional cars because some people actually enjoy driving!”. The opportunities and challenges to come are addressed by their project.

For the team, to innovate is not only a simple creation process. “Beyond being a skilled professional, innovators must be critical thinkers conscious of their social responsibility”.

Bin and Mingyi are currently very focused on phase 2 so they have not thought much about the grand prize yet. “But we definitely plan on doing something meaningful – for us and for others – with it!”.

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