How to participate

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What is the aim of the challenge?

The aim of the contest is to reward an innovative automobile-related project in two categories: technological innovation and ideas for new ways of using cars. The Challenge offers students from around the world the opportunity to become players in automotive innovation. They are invited to come up with an innovation which would, between now and 2030, make the car and the way it is used more intelligent, intuitive, green and fun.

Who can participate ?

Each team must appoint a leader who will represent it. The leader will be the Valeo contact person. The leader must act as coordinator with the other team members which can include for the first time a teacher (faculty) and personally handle the use and possible sharing of Valeo’s financial participation in the project expenses (see article 12 of the Rules)..Valeo will not accept any claims in this regard.

The schedule

  1. Phase 1


    • Team registration and project submission
    • Project compliance validation
    • Evaluation of projects
    • Announcement of the 24 semi-finalists
  2. Phase 2

    Proof of concept

    • Launch of proof of concept
    • Proof of concept submission deadline
    • Announcement of the 8 finalists
  3. Phase 3

    Final presentation

    • Presentation of the finalist projects to the Jury
    • Awards ceremony

What is expected from participants?

Your team

Entrants must compete in teams made up of between two and a maximum of five people. The constitution of the team shall only be considered definitive on completion of the registration phase. During this phase (From 14 October 2016 to 17 February 2017) it will be possible to change the members of the team as well as the project. Once this phase has been completed, no more changes will be accepted. If however a member decides to leave the team after this phase, the team cannot remain in the running if it has fewer than two members.

Eligible public

The competition is open to students worldwide who have completed their high school education, with one entry per person (same name and same e-mail address). Competition entrants must be able to travel outside their country of residence and possess, by October 2017, a passport that is still valid for six months after the date scheduled for the prize giving (October 2017).
The following people may not enter the competition:

  • employees of the organizer, of any company that it controls, that controls it or that is under joint control with it, and their children.
  • people who have been involved in organizing the competition, and their children.
  • people who have a conflict of interest (especially interns and apprentices still working for the company).

Your project

The projects submitted must meet the following criteria and technical constraints:

  • Documents must be drafted in English
  • Phase 1 - Presentation of the project (5 pages maximum) with illustrations authorized (photos, diagrams).

Criteria taken into account:

  • Bold, innovative and original idea of the project (50%)
  • Challenges and relevance of the problem dealt with and factoring in of society’s expectations (20%)
  • Knowledge of technical / related matters (10%)
  • Feasibility of proof of concept (10%)
  • Quality of presentation (10%)

Project submission

Expected content in your project submission

  1. "A summary of your project is required because it is the first step in the evaluation process. 20 and 30 lines maximum. No pictures / graphs, acronyms or reference to proposal's chapters are allowed in this field."
  2. "What is the problem or situation to improve?"
  3. "What is/are the current solution(s), if any?"
  4. "What is your solution?"
  5. "What type of model demonstration (Proof of concept) are you considering and how do you plan to build it?


  • Be concise and pertinent: avoid information overload at this stage of the challenge.
  • Beware of the spelling and layout.
  • Respect the plan as it is defined in the Rules, Article 4` .
  • Respect the dates as it defined in the Rules, Article 6
  • If you wish, you can add images, videos or any elements (as an attachment). They could help the jury to understand your concept quickly as mentioned in the Rules, Article 7.

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