Last update : February 1st, 2017

Where can i find the form to submit my project?

On the “My project” page, but this submission form is locked until your team is properly formed, which means:

  • 1/ at least two members in the team (the team leader + at least 1 additional member)
  • 2/ a university name attached to the team leader account.

Once the team leader has formed a proper team, then the “My project” page will be available for project submission.
Next, You need to fill this form, attached a file and then submit it.

I don’t have time to finish my project, is it possible to send it after the deadline?

All projects must be submitted on February 17, 2017 at 12 noon, French time.

Is it possible to modify my project after the deadline?


I can’t find others students to work with me on my project, Is it possible to be alone?

No, according to the challenge’s rules, project must be done by teams of 2 and 5 students.

How do I remove a team member?

A remove button is available on "Your Team" page, only a team leader can remove members by clicking on the “Delete this member” button.

Do I have to answer to all questions for my application to be accepted?


Is it possible to provide you a certificate instead of our student card when asked?

Yes, you can provide a valid certificate proving that you are student (PDF format).

What is the deadline for entering?

All entries must be submitted by 12:00 noon CET on February 17th 2017.

Must the team leader representative have a scientific or technical qualification?

Not necessarily.

Can the same team submit several projects?

Only one project per team is authorized.

Can a member of one team be a candidate in another team?

A candidate may not be a member of two different teams.

Who will be on the jury? What are the jury members’ competencies?

The contest jury will be chaired by Valeo’s Chairman & CEO. Its members will include Valeo’s COO, the Innovation and Sales Directors, and third parties recognized for their experience and professional expertise (e.g. scientists, designers, sociologists, philosophers).

How can I make sure that my application has been received?

Every time you will submit (or resubmit for update) your project, you will receive an informational email confirming what we received.
(Note: This mail can end up in your spam box, be sure to check it, if needed).

But the best way to check the state of your project submission is to go on the “My project” page and check if you have a red block saying:
“Hooray! Your project has been submitted!”
This confirmation message means that the project has been submitted (at least once) and you can check what is currently submitted by looking at the values in the form (including the name of the file you uploaded).

If you don’t see any confirmation message, it means that you project has never been submitted yet. You need to do it.

Can I change/update my team or my project?

Yes, until February 17th 2017 (noon CET), team members and projects can be changed or updated.

Do i need to wait until the deadline to submit my project idea ?

We strongly recommend you to submit your idea as soon as possible.

Remember that you can modify/update your project if necessary until February 17th.
(So you can test your project submission before the deadline, and contact our support if needed. Don’t wait until the last minute, if you need help.)

Who should I send technical questions to? What about administrative questions?

Participants may address any questions to:
Or use our contact form:

At what stage does Valeo give the 5,000 euros to the 20 finalists? At the beginning or at the end?

The sum will be distributed by bank transfer to each team leader at the beginning of the mock-up phase as soon as the bank information has been received.

Which language should the entry submission be written in?

All entry submissions must be written in English.

I am not a student: may I take part?

No, this contest is exclusively for students.
The only exception is for teacher: if you’re a teacher, you can be added as an additional member by a team leader, but you cannot lead a team by yourself.

May I submit a project on my own?

No: to join the contest, a team must consist of two to five members and can include a teacher (Faculty).

Which video formats are allowed?

The accepted video formats are .avi, mp4 and .mpeg

Can several teams from the same school compete?

Yes, several teams from the same school can compete.

Which administrative documents will be required for participants?

A scan of their ID university card (or a valid certificate proving that you are student) and a commitment form to accept to be a part of their team.

Can we add new team members after submission?

Yes, you can add team member until February 17th 2017 (noon CET) (Paris time).

I am a student, however I will not be anymore in 2017. Can I take part in contest?

You can participate to this challenge if you still have a valid student card the day you register.

Are the postgraduate students eligible for applying a projects for Valeo Innovation Challenge contest?

Of course, postgraduate students are eligible. The only condition is to be student and be part of a University or Technical, Scientific School when you register.